Lines and symbols

Friday 18th of January the building commission met to
discuss the 'concept DO' of the technical installations.
A set of drawings with countless lines and symbols. This is
necessary to get everything precisely in place.
For example: A wall will be placed over the complete length of
the concert hall to accomodate an installation for air refreshment.
Other facilities such as big screens (to support productions
with for instance subtitles), speakers and an acoustic
system will all be integrated in this wall.

The Hague municipality is appointed as coordinating
'building master.' Day care 2Samen, the Duinoordschool
and the ACVA will work as one team to realize this
beautiful concert hall - a concert hall
that will also give the local area more prestige!
Once again the realization of our dream is one step closer...

Publiced on: Friday January 18

bus stuweHKK klein

Rehearsal weekend The Hague Childrfen's Choir

Rehearsing together they are doing every week, but... now they
eat together, take a walk toether, play together, nut most of the time sing together.

A rehearsal weekend is practicaly the same asone month of normal rehearsals.
All choir members learn a lot. This time they stay at Belmont Hotel in Ede.
During the evening they practiced presentation on stage.

Publiced on: Saturday January 26