aaa General Terms



Registering for (and starting with) weekly lessons can take place all year round. Once the completed registration form,
that can be found on the website, has been received, the Office Manager will contact you within 3 working days,
except for during holiday periods.  


Each student benefits from being in a group with others that
sing at the same level, or as near to their level as possible.
This could mean that some students have to change over to
another group or to another teacher at some stage during
the school year, which could mean that the time of their lessons
will also change.  The Academy of Vocal Arts retains the right to cancel any lesson/course for which there is insufficient interest.

Unable to attend

If a student is unable to attend a lesson they should let us know via the protected part of our website, even if this is done right at the last moment or even after the lesson.

Cancelled Lessons

Should a teacher be unable to attend a class, the Academy of Vocal Arts will first of all try to arrange a suitable replacement. Should it be that the guaranteed number of 32 lessons is not given within a season because of unavoidable cancelled lessons, then these lessons will be given instead at the end of the season. If a lesson has to be cancelled more than 8 hours before the start of the lesson, you will be informed via email and the website. If the lesson has to be cancelled less than 8 hours before the start of the lesson,
then you will be informed by phone.

Payment conditions and tariff

Once you are registered, you will receive an invoice
for the cost of the lessons. Each student pays a one-off
registration fee of € 60.00. Lessons will be invoiced for each calendar year. The year is split into 10 working months:
January – June (6/10) and September – December (4/10).
Fees should be paid in advance. Should fees not be paid on time,
a EUR 20.00 administration fee will be charged.
Any costs involved in recovering fees, including legal costs, will be passed on to the debtor. Should immediate payment not be made once a reminder has been sent, the right to have lessons is void.
In cases where there are insurmountable circumstances making it difficult to be able to pay the fees in one amount, an arrangement for spread payments is possible, at the management’s discretion. For more information you should contact our financial administration.
Should a choir member wish to end their membership as of 1st September, this should be made known before 1st June of the same year at the latest. Should they wish to stop their membership as of January, this should be made known before 1st December of the previous year. Reimbursement of tuition fees will only be made should these aforementioned terms of notice be adhered to.

Discount for families

You are eligible for family discount if more than one student living at the same address and with the same payment details (name, address and account number) is registered with us for lessons. When one of the family members stops having lessons with us, the family discount discontinues and any restitution will be calculated and back-dated pro rata. Ending the lessons Once the season has started, should you want to stop having lessons, notice of this has to be given in writing to our administration department. Should you stop having lessons mid-season, only fees for the lessons in the September – December period (4/10) will be reimbursed. To be eligible for reimbursement, we need to have received your written notice before 1st June of the respective calendar year.


Your details will be registered in the ACVA student administration system and will be used to inform you about things that are relevant for (the administration of) your lessons / course, progress with them or what the next stage will be. Your details will not be disclosed to third parties. When using digital media we always adhere to the rules in accordance with the Telecommunications Act
(re. disallowing spam).

Recordings and Photographs

From time to time the Academy of Vocal Arts makes use of recordings and photographs of students in action during their lessons, rehearsals and ACVA activities for use in brochures or other PR presentations. Course members and students and/or their legal representatives have no legal right over their use for these purposes.


Tariffs vary depending on the class / group or course and can be revised annually commencing on 1st January.
Should there be a change in tariff, the Academy of Vocal Arts
will inform you in a timely manner.


For general information you can contact the Academy of Vocal Arts’ administration department at any time. Details can be found on


Despite the fact that the Academy of Vocal Arts does its very best to ensure that all of its students receive the very best service, it could be that you are unhappy about a lesson, teacher or our facilities.
In such a case you can send in a written complaint to the Academy of Vocal Arts. Send your letter or email to: The Management, Academy of Vocal Arts , Haringstraat 60, 2586 XZ, The Hague.

The Academy of Vocal Arts cannot be held responsible for damage to or the loss of personal property belonging to students or course members.