Quality of life also includes art. The Academy of Vocal Arts
provides an opportunity for children as well as
for adults to discover and enjoy vocal art.

We start by looking at the child. It is essential for the personal development of a child not only to discover and develop
their vocal talent, but to do this together with others
and to find a good balance between individuality and working
as a team. Quality and individual attention are central to all of this.

Through the organic authority of music in itself, singing in an ensemble is a perfect social activity for creating a balance between individuality and community. Key values are self-confidence through performing on stage, social survival
and social defence, emotional and social wellness.

The Academy of Vocal Arts aims to attract new target groups to the art of music and to offer the best quality that there is
to everyone who is interested.

The feeling is that of doing things together, taking on challenges, discovering beauty and learning how to be yourself musically.