More and more consciously: DO... RE...?

Specially for the children in Beginners' Class 2 who are up
for a new challenge, as well as for the older toddlers, we offer Beginners' Class 3! 
Musical experiences help the children to get acquainted with structures and forms to continue what has been learned so far and also as a preparation for Choir Class A.
Exciting new discoveries!

Class day: 
Beginners' Class 3b Tuesday 3:45-4.25 pm 
Beginners' Class 3b Wednesday 1.30-2.10 pm
Tuition fee:
€ 569,- / year (rate 2023)
Children may start at any time during the season
Because there are several Beginners' Classes the placement in the different groups is up to the teacher.


'In this group you can feel that they become more and more aware of what they're capable of doing.
It continues to be so enjoyable every week!'