Choir Class A

On the road

The group Choir Class A is where the training starts. Children will start reading music and experience being on the stage during the Christmas and Summer concerts. The pleasure of working seriously towards a group goal (i.e. the concerts) and the individual goals of each student go hand in hand.

Age: 6 years old (group 3)
Class day:
Monday 4.45-5.30 pm or Thursday 3.45-4.30 pm in the Koningkerk
Thursday 3.45-4.30 pm in the Heldring Business School
Tuition fee:
€ 710,- / year (rate 2023)
Children may start at any time during the season


'Every year we start with the “house where Do and Re live” and at the end of each year every student is ready to take the next step: to learn how to read music on their own in Choir Class B! During this year it is marvelous to see how all the children develop so much: two concerts, reading music, developing their musicality. After one year in Choir Class A they are so big all of a sudden!'



'The joy on their faces when we learn a new note or different rhythm from the musical fruit basket, is pricesless for me as a teacher. Also discoveries about the own voice are of great value: the foundation for a healthy way of using your voice is being built and will be expanded trhoughout the year(s).'