Children's Choir conducting

Educational programme for the Junior, Senior and Master Diplomas

Creating artistry

Being a Director of a childrens’ choir is a very special profession! In addition to musical skills it makes great demands on tactical and psychological insight, organisational skills and you particularly need a lot of perseverance.

The education you get at the Academy of Vocal Arts is made to measure. Each student requires a different starting point and follows their own educational journey.

In the course of this programme students will work, under supervision, with the children of the Academy of Vocal Arts. The children give direct feedback, which is the starting point for teaching the core subject. A challenging route for choir conductors with passion!

Suitable for (aspiring) childrens’ choir directors
One day per week between 2:00 and 8:00 pm (duration depends on the study progress plan) 
Registration all through the year

Teacher Marijke van Klaveren

It is great to see that my efforts enable children elsewhere in the country (and in Belgium!)  to be able to sing at a high level through the work of our students!