Would you like to make a culturally responsible investment?

Adopt the work of the Academy of Vocal Arts Foundation
by making a donation.
We can make a special offer for businesses.

One-off donation

You can give us a one-off gift by transferring
it to our bank account:

IBAN account: NL69 INGB 0001 7187 82
in the name of 'Stichting Academy of Vocal Arts
te Den Haag'

Please state your name, full address and email address.
We will then confirm that your donation has been received.

We have chosen for this method of payment to avoid extra charges by the Academy of Vocal Arts Foundation.
In this way 100% of your donation comes to us.
Transfer your donation, stating your name, address
and email address, to the above mentioned account number.

Periodic donation

You can authorize the Academy of Vocal Arts to withdraw a certain amount from your bank account periodically,
for example monthly or quarterly.
You are free to cancel this authorization at any moment.
In order to make a periodic donation we require you to fill in
a form which we will send to you.

Testamentary disposition or bequest

Do you wish to include the Academy of Vocal Arts in your will?
In doing so you will help us to encourage young children to discover and develop their musical talent and to learn to sing beautifully. 

Singing together helps to build a better future.

In a will you can choose for a testamentary disposition or for a bequest. With a testamentary disposition the Academy of Vocal Arts becomes ‘heir’ and receives a part of the whole legacy.
A bequest is the gift of a fixed part (often a fixed amount)
from the estate. Contact your solicitor for help
with drawing up or altering your will.

For more information about testamentary dispositions
and bequests: www.goednalaten.nl

Social mission

The Academy of Vocal Arts doesn’t receive an organised subsidy for educating children in music and is dependent on individual donations, gifts from people like you. Your contribution is very important! With your financial support we can teach the children in small groups. Your money goes directly to pay the costs generated by this and also funds the development of new methodologies.

Thanks for your support!
the ACVA team

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