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Govert Bach
(family of...)

Bach is movement, no standstill

Peter Sellars

The Saint Matthäus Passion is the Mount Everest all the music 

tradition and renewal

The Academy of Vocal Arts is going to perform the whole St. Matthew Passion with children and youth singing the Soprano and Alto from the choir. In Holland hard to experience.

Let the visitors speak for themselves:

...a great afternoon in a beautiful venue...

...thanks for the phenomenal tour de force!

You have given us a great surprise this afternoon, with that beautiful performance of the St Matthew! I have no words to discribe how special it was. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this production.

It was very, véry, VERY beautiful! 

A unique choir performance!

What a beautiful slender fresh performance of the St Matthew...

We really enjoyed this afternoon's St Matthew. The venue was beautiful, acoustics fantastic and the performce perfect in harmony.

We were completely in the story and the singing. It was just perfect! A great start to the easter season. Many thanks!

Let the youth speak for themselves:

I find it amazing that we are going to sing the whole St. Matthew with the Musicanti Children's Choir. Personally I think
there are not many yout choirs doing the same.

I will commit myself one hundred percent
to make it a great success.

We will show the audience that children
can perform this masterpiece as well.

Kind regards,



Such a piece you don't sing for fun,
this is part of
the real repertoire!

Isadore van Welie

Manfred Wipler conductor partner choir 
Stadt Kinderchor Halle (Germany)

Eine unheimliche Erlebnis. Es geht nichts über Bach.

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