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Does your child like singing too?


This is the place to be!

The Academy of Vocal Arts in The Hague is the famous songschool for children from 4 to 16 years old in The Netherlands. Recently we started two new groups at a new location: the Heldring Business School!

Over thirty years we have been teaching children to use their
voice and to sing together in a choir.
That is not only very good for you, but
it brings a lot of joy in life.

Because every child is different,

we offer a custom trajectory for everyone.

Before we start, we have a
short intake and two trial lessons
to see which group suits your child best.

There are two venues:

- Academy of Vocal Arts, Haringstraat 80 The Hague 
- Heldring Business School,
Morsestraat 1, The Hague.

In the Haringstraat there is tuition for all groups, from toddlers aged 4 up util the Cantamare Vocal Ensemble.

In the Heldring Business School
one group enjoy singing lessons:

* Choir Class B for pupils of 7 years and over (group 4 and higher)

Choir Class B: Thursday afternoon 16.20-17.30h

After the trial lessons we can start the first year.

In the Haringstraat we teach all groups:
Choir Class A: monday or thursday afternoon (see page)
Choir Class B: monday or thursday afternoon (see page)
Choir Class C: tuesday and thursday afternoon (see page)
Choir Class D: tuesday and thursday afternoon (see page)
The Hague Childrfen's Choir tuesday and thursday afternoon (see page)



Fill in the form below and we will contact
you as soon as possible.