ACVA 2022-06-11 Mozart-Poulenc (55)kleinst

Mozart Requiem in Rotterdam




Silvere (6) (Kopie)

Silvère van Lieshout

Young Men's Chorus

Male voices

When the boy's voice disappears, many new experiences will come along for singing men. The voice drops, the sound becomes resonant, a new area reveals itself.

The YMC is a small select group which performs independently, but also together with Vocal Ensemble Cantamare as the male section of ACVA VOCES, the chamber choir of the Academy of Vocal Arts. The repertoire includes many styles, from renaissance music to modern music.

All singers have individual voice training to guide the changing voice.

Tuesday 7:40 – 8:10 koorrepetitie
Privat singing lesson (30 minuten) before or after the rehearsal


Conductor Silvère van Lieshout

'Every week brings a new experience: the process of change from boy to man is very thorough, so that the guidance in this period is very important. How low did the speaking voice drop and what music can I already sing...'