Janneke (72) (Kopie)

Janneke Klompenhouwer

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Daniëlle van Lieshout
Mirjam Tideman

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 Maria Coolen
Marijke (7) (Kopie)
Marijke van Klaveren 

Silvere (6) (Kopie)

Silvère van Lieshout 
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Isabella Mahieu

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Bas Goossens


Thomas Triesschijn


Our Team




Janneke Klompenhouwer is the teacher of the Beginners’ Class and Choir Class D. She gives lessons in stage prestation and solfège. She took the Music Teacher course at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. Janneke also sung in The Hague Children’s Choir and she sings in the Cantamare Vocal Ensemble. She has a great affinity with the theatrical music side of working with children’s choirs.

Daniëlle van Lieshout is the Artistic Director of the Academy of Vocal Arts. She is also solfège teacher as well as conductor of The Hague Children's Choir choir and assistant conductor of Musicanti Children's Choir. She studies choir conducting in Rotterdam and Paris and is a enthousiastic singer with the Cantamare Vocal Ensemble. 

Mirjam Tideman
is assistent conductor of the Hague Children's Choir. She teaches singing and sight-reading. She also is involved in the organisation by preparing concerts and events. She studied Music Teaching and sings in Studium Chorlae.

Maria Coolen is the singing teacher of Choir Classes A, B, C and D, The Hague Children's Choir and Musicanti. She was one of the first teachers in Holland specialized in the Lichtenberger method.

Marijke van Klaveren is the conductor of Choir Class A, B and C. She teaches solfège and singing and she is the Head Teacher for the Children’s Choir Conductor Course. She studied school music, organ, choir conducting and church music at the Academies of Arts in The Hague and Rotterdam. She is the founder of the Academy of Vocal Arts and is still a big advocate for a healthy musical education. She is the conductor of the Voorburg Vocal Ensemble and two choirs in Voorburg and Wassenaar rehearsing during the day.

Silvère van Lieshout is the Chairman of the Academy of Vocal Arts. He is the conductor of the Boys Choir, Musicanti Children’s Choir, the Cantamare Vocal Ensemble, the Young Men´s Chorus and Chamber Choir ACVA VOCES. For more than 40 years Silvère has put his heart and soul into the development of (children and youth) choral singing in The Netherlands. He has organised many courses and workshops around this subject and written various articles and publications, including the Jongleren method of learning. Through these he strives to bring (young) people closer to the language of music. In 2008 Silvère van Lieshout was awarded the title of Ambassador of the European Music Festival for his services to children’s choral singing. In 2013 he was decorated by the queen for his services to children's choir singing.

Isabella Mahieu assists concerning the productions. She studies law in Leiden and sings in teh Cantamare Vocal Ensemble.

Bas Goossens is the Business Director of the Academy of Vocal Arts. He studied viola at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and law at the University of Leiden.  

Thomas Triesschijn assists concerning the productions. He travels around Europe as a recorder player with his Counterpoints.