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Marijke (7) (Kopie)
Marijke van Klaveren 


Mirjam Tideman

Janneke (72) (Kopie)

Janneke Klompenhouwer 


Karlijn Raijmakers

Choir Class B


For children who are not afraid of a musical challenge!
Once a week the children come to the Academy of Vocal Arts. Their own choir folder, musical scores, a tuning fork and the “Jongleren” (*) sight reading books are all part of the standard kit of each student. Come and experience it for yourself!

*) the title of the syllabus “Jongleren” means both “learning from a young age” as well as “juggling” which refers to the fun of performance as well as learning to juggle many new skills including musicality, music theory and rhythms to deliver beautiful music and have fun!

Age: 7 years and older (group 4 in school)
Class day:
Monday 3:45-5:10 pm (rehearsal, singing lesson and sight-reading)
Thursday 4.35-5.25 pm (rehearsal and singing lesson)
before or after sight-reading
Tuition fee:
€ 727,- / year (rate 2021)
Children may start at any time during the season

Conductor Marijke van Klaveren

'Concentrated faces, careful fingers, delicate voices: the first lesson is an exciting experience for all students. But look at them after a few weeks, perfectly comfortably, they sing to their heart’s content and full of confidence and not much later, they are on the stage!'

Conductor Mirjam Tideman

'When the students suddenly discover for themselves
how much they can achieve with their voices during the music theory classes or when they are showing how they
can read music, it is worth its weight in gold!'

Teacher Janneke Klompenhouwer

'Every child has it's own uniqueness. To take that as a starting point is exciting every time!'

Teacher Karlijn Raijmakers

 'It is such a joy to teach children a new 'language'. We go from A and B to do and re!'