Marijke (7) (Kopie)

Marijke van Klaveren 

Janneke (72) (Kopie)

Janneke Klompenhouwer 

Danielle (13) (Kopie) - kopie

Daniëlle van Lieshout


 Mirjam Tideman

Choir Class C

Together in action

For the more advanced students the Academy offers Choir Class C. Students and teachers work together towards the final goal: the The Hague Children’s Choir! In addition to learning to read music individually, the group goes away on a study weekend to sing and perform and to learn what it is like to travel away from home as a choir. All of this is prepared in Choir Class C. 

Age: 7 years and over (group 4 in school)
Suitable for students of Choir Class B who have shown motivation, effort and talent. Also for talented children who have already had some experience with music.
Class day:
Tuesday 4:30 -5:10 uur Choir rehearsal Choir Class C
Thursday 5:05 – 5:50 Choir rehearsal Choir Class C (together with Choir Class D)
Sight-Reading/theory/singing lesson in one of the following a small groups:
Tuesday 3:45 – 4:25
Tuesday 5:15 – 5:55
Thursday 4:20 – 5:00
Tuition fee:
€ 1.238,- / year (incl. rehearsal weekend) (rate 2023)

Conductor Marijke van Klaveren

'In Choir Class C I can already enjoy the student’s ability to read music by themselves; it is a lot of fun conquering new notes with them and turning that into a lovely new song!'

Teacher Janneke Klompenhouwer

'Angry, happy, sad or frightened;
the students love to act on the stage!'

Teacher Daniëlle van Lieshout 

'“Is that me?”, “I hear my voice as if it is coming from everywhere”.
We often hear these comments during a lesson! It’s such fun!'

Teacher Mirjam Tideman

'Every child has its own sound which is continually developing. I really enjoy the challange of guiding them on this path and the expreciencing all the discoveries together!'