rehearsal weekend


nieuwe kerk den haag

Danielle (13) (Kopie) - kopie

Daniëlle van Lieshout

Marijke (7) (Kopie)

Marijke van Klaveren


Mirjam Tideman




Selected voices

The Academy of Vocal Arts’ top choir. The most talented and motivated choir members of The Hague Children’s Choir are invited to join Musicanti to perform at a very high level.
The choir takes part in several productions, travels nationally and internationally and enjoys a thorough musical education at the highest level within the Academy of Vocal Arts.

Suitable for students from The Hague Children’s Choir who have shown a high level of motivation, effort and talent
Monday and Thursday

Conductor Daniëlle van Lieshout

'Performing and rehearsing with this choir is such a joy. Their approach is so professional: from studying and unloading the bus 
to the final bow!'

Solfège/Theory Teacher Marijke van Klaveren

'In Musicanti there is always this moment when a choir member has completed their solfège education; the joy of knowing that they have completed three books is always enormous! And now you can see that they have real skills: they know the major and minor keys, different church music scales and irregular time signatures for example. And they all have learned and done this by themselves!'

Singing Teacher Mirjam Tideman

'We are continuing the story about developing the voice. They get more and more profound experience and knowledge and are discovering new possibilities!'


St John Passion

June 26 the ACVA presents a special performance with the St John Passion. You may enjoy a live stream in 360 degrees, directly connected with the  Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague.
You can deside for yourself what part of the choir or orchestra you want to see!


Look and listen

View our teaser! This is what the choir has to say.