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Danielle (13) (Kopie) - kopie

Daniëlle van Lieshout


Mirjam Tideman

Marijke (7) (Kopie)

Marijke van Klaveren
 Janneke (72) (Kopie)
Janneke Klompenhouwer

The Hague Children's Choir

On stage

The Academy of Vocal Arts’ concert choir! The choir members have (almost) completed the second book of the “Jongleren” 
sight reading syllabus and are about to start the third and final book. Concerts, national and international festivals and concert tours are on the program.

Suitable for students who have completed Choir Class D
Tuesday 7:00 – 8:05 Choir Rehearsal
Thursday 6:00 – 7:05 Choir Rehearsal (last 15 minutes combined with Musicanti)
Singing lesson in a small group (15 minutes, Tuesday or Thursday before the rehearsal)
Sight-Singing/Music Theory (30 minutes, Tuesday abefore or Thursday after the Choir Rehearsal)


'The development of a choir member of The Hague Children’s choir is fantastic to witness!'

Singing Teacher Mirjam Tideman

'Developing a healthy and convincing sound of the choir is a challenge!'

Solfège/Theory Teacher Marijke van Klaveren

'Practicing a two-voice melody at home, line by line, and then discovering what it sounds like in the class together with the other voice - great!'

Solfège/Theory Teacher Janneke Klompenhouwer

'We develope the two-voice melodies: singing for yourself and listening to the other at the same time. They always learn a lot from that and in this way they move on quickly to the next book: Jongerelen part 3!